A few of these problems can be mentioned below:

  • You might struggle in signing into your Chromebook.
  • The power button shows on, but the screen stays black/blank.
  • Won’t process charging plugging in the charger.
  • Would keep crashing after switching on repetitively.
  • The Chromebook surface might get hot and won’t turn on.

In this article, we’ll be going through the top 5 reasons behind Acer Chromebook not turning on and the way to fix those issues.

Following are five reasons why Acer Chromebook wouldn’t turn on:

  1. Foreign Devices Plugged in
  2. Issues with Charger or Charging
  3. Your Chromebook asking for a reset
  4. Overheating
  5. Unsupported Chrome OS

Let us look deep into these issues to know how to fix them.


External or connected can also cause trouble in turning on your Chromebook. It has been seen that foreign devices such as USB or any foreign cable inserted into Chromebook’s USB port can interrupt the Chromebook’s boost mechanism. This is essential for the maintenance of the Chromebook’s operating system i.e. chrome OS.

­But that isn’t a problem anymore if only we’re aware of it.


Well, if this is the case, one should pull out every external device connected to Chromebook and should restart it again.


Acer Chromebooks or let alone laptop devices of any company struggle with turning on mostly because of issues related to the charger.

There’s a small LED light that glows when we put Chromebook on charge. If you don’t see that light glowing upon inserting the charging cable then that’s where your Chromebook’s problem lies.

Also, there can be a case where the LED surely glows after inserting the charger but the charging won’t make any progress

So, your Acer Chromebook is not turning on probably due to running out of battery.


Issues relevant to the charging can be solved in the following ways:

  • Charge your Chromebook for a minimum of 2 hours at least.
  • If it doesn’t charge after the first step, try changing your charger.
  • If the above-given hacks fail that means there’s an issue with your charging port, take your Chromebook to the nearest workshop.

Ever experienced when your Chromebook shows a black screen? Well, that’s its way of asking for a reset, the hard one. By resetting the device, I don’t only mean restarting your Chromebook i.e. soft reset.

Hard resetting is required when your device has stopped functioning because of some defect in it. Hard reset erases all the data of your device or Chromebook in this case. It turns the device into its default setting how the company launched it and cleans all cache and memory.

That means your Acer Chromebook is not turning on due to a failure in the function of your device.


To process a hard reset in your chrome book, press the power and refresh button in conjunction.


Overheating can also be the cause when your Acer Chromebook is not turning on. It can be identified when your device is heated from the bottom, but won’t turn on despite pressing the power button.

This happens when you overburden your device. Though the chrome book getting hot is completely normal but if it obstructs the function of the device then it requires attention.

There are several other reasons behind overheating including default in its ventilation system i.e. heat is not able to find a way out.

Hence this explains another common cause of Acer Chromebook not turning on.


This issue can be avoided or fixed differently as follows:

  • One can avoid overheating by getting himself laptop coolers.
  • In case of Chromebook not turning on due to overheating wait for your device to cool down for at least 20-40 mins and then try restarting again.

Do you know, that your Chromebook operating system demands frequent updates? Your Chromebook may not turn on due to its not updating the operating system.

Knowing unlike others, chrome isn’t backed by windows. Chromebook users should make sure to keep their Chromebook updated with the latest Chrome OS version or the outdated software might cause their system to crash.

So the damaged chrome OS too can be the reason why your Acer Chromebook is not working.


If your device keeps crashing then you should update your chrome to the latest version.

Acer Chromebook: Why It’s a Good Laptop

A good laptop can be pretty hard to find, especially if you’re on a budget. There are plenty of cheap laptops out there, but most of them are of low quality and will break quickly, leaving you in need of another one soon after buying the first one. The alternative is to buy an expensive laptop that will last you a while, but those can get pretty pricey as well, often costing well over $1000. The Acer Chromebook offers an excellent solution to this dilemma by offering both high-quality and affordability at the same time without sacrificing performance or build quality.

4 Things to consider before buying an ACER CHROMEBOOK

How are you going to use it? If you’re looking for something that will help you do basic tasks, like checking your email and browsing social media, buying an ACER CHROMEBOOK may be ideal. With its long battery life and fast boot time, it’s a great laptop for these everyday needs.

If you want to do more with your laptop, or if you just want one with better specs and functions, look into some of our other options instead.

Value for Money

Acer’s laptops start at less than $250 for an 11.6-inch model, which is about $100 less than its competition. For comparison, it costs at least $50 more for any other laptop to get another 2 inches of screen size. While you do have to make some compromises in terms of performance and build quality, there are plenty of reasons why getting a Chromebook makes sense. If you want something that can last all day on a single charge and doesn’t need much power or storage space, then they’re hard to beat. They also come with Chrome OS installed so they’re ready out of the box—no fussing around with drivers or updates required. And while they aren’t as powerful as Windows machines or Macs, they’re pretty quick when used for web browsings and light productivity tasks like word processing and spreadsheets. Plus, most apps available from Google Play run well enough on Chromebooks, so you can access most of your favorite Android apps.

Using a VPN ensures your privacy and security online by encrypting your internet connection so nobody can track what websites you visit or what data you send over them. VPN services give you total anonymity online by making sure no one knows who you are unless you tell them yourself! When connected to a VPN server, your IP address will be hidden from everyone else on the internet including websites. This means that even if someone is monitoring traffic coming from your computer over a public Wi-Fi network (like in cafes), they won’t be able to see where it’s going because it will look like traffic coming from wherever the VPN server is located instead of your computer.


Chromebooks are made to be reliable. An average laptop may last four or five years before it becomes too slow to use. You’ll want to replace your Chromebook every two years or so, but that’s because you need to update it with new technology and improve it over time, not because you’re forced to because it’s about to break. Plus, if something does happen, you can just sign in using your Google account and pick up where you left off. That means no lost files, no lost documents, and no annoying tech support calls to figure out how to get back what you had. There isn’t even any tech support for Chromebooks—you just log in and start working again. (And when you do have questions, there are lots of online forums where other users share their tips.)

Most computers aren’t built for speed; they’re built for convenience. A lot of them have complicated parts that might break down or work together poorly. The parts don’t always fit together perfectly either; manufacturers will save money by putting pieces together quickly rather than taking their time to make sure everything is perfect. That saves money now but costs more later on when things stop working right after only a few months of use.

Easy to Use

The Chromebook is simple to use and gets you online almost instantly. All you need to do is log in using your Google account and enjoy instant access to all of your favorite apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, videos, and much more. To get started, simply connect to Wi-Fi or plug into Ethernet—it’s that easy! As soon as you’re connected you can start exploring right away. There are no updates to install, no programs to download, and no passwords to remember. With its automatic updates feature, Chrome OS automatically downloads new features and security fixes without any action from you. And with built-in virus protection and automatic backups for up to a month, it keeps itself safe too.

Maintenance and Support

Acer Chromebooks require very little maintenance and offer excellent support if you run into any problems. Google releases new ChromeOS updates every six weeks. These new updates usually fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features to Chromebooks. Each update is rolled out automatically to all Acer laptops, so you can stay on top of things with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you do encounter an issue, you can call or email Acer’s technical support department for help. However, most issues are resolved simply by restarting your laptop. If it doesn’t work after that, give tech support a call. The company offers 24/7 phone and chat support in English and Spanish. You also have access to free online tutorials that explain how to get started using your laptop as well as how to perform basic troubleshooting tasks yourself—and they’re available in multiple languages!

Why ACER CHROMEBOOK is so popular?

Several factors contribute to its success. For one, it’s affordable. With prices starting at $200, Acer’s Chromebook is among the cheapest laptops on the market today not just for Chrome OS but for Windows and Mac as well. In addition, it’s lightweight, slim, and durable ideal for students who are often carrying their laptops around campus. Plus, it features long battery life that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. All in all, there are plenty of reasons why ACER CHROMEBOOK is so popular with consumers. If you want a good laptop at an affordable price, then check out our guide to help you choose which model is right for you.

While many were quick to write off Google’s Chromebooks when they first debuted back in 2011, they have since become increasingly popular over time. These days, they offer several benefits over traditional PCs including affordability and ease of use not to mention longer battery life than most Windows or Mac laptops. That said, if you’re considering buying your first Chromebook or replacing your current model with something new, we put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide that covers everything from how much storage space you need to whether or not LTE connectivity is worth paying extra for.


These five are the common reasons behind Acer Chromebook not turning on. I hope this helped you to turn on your Acer Chromebook.

However, this doesn’t mean these problems are always the reason. There can be more reasons and some of those can require specialists with Chromebook’s hardware and software. If none of the mentioned solutions works the user should consult with any system specialist.


My Acer Chromebook 11 won’t turn on?

Try the mentioned 5 things to fix the possible issues. If it doesn’t help contact the manufacturer or any specialist.

Why is my Chromebook light blue and not turning on?

Turn your system switch off completely. Next, pass your system through hard resetting. Hopefully, this will help.

Why won’t my Chromebook turn on or charge?

It won’t turn on probably because of low battery, Recheck If the charging cable is correctly plugged in or not. If yes, then try it with a different charger. If this doesn’t work there can be an issue with the battery, or charging port.

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