How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop

If you are wonder to know that how often should you change or replace your laptop and this article is for you.

Keep hooked to this article if you are someone who is concerned about the performance of your electronic devices.

Unless you have a top-notch quality device, a normal laptop gets a life span of around 5 years. But, a laptop that is of cheap quality cannot run for more than 2 or 3 years.

Laptops that are used daily for work purpose or other have less life span than the laptops that are rarely used at home.

Like other electronic machines, laptops and computers start giving bad or poor performances over the time. From poor performance to low battery power many signs indicates to alert you to replace your laptop.

There are a number of reasons that cause a downfall of your laptop that has nothing to do with the way you use your device.

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  1. When is the right time to replace your laptop
  2. Things to do when you buy a new laptop
  3. What are the reasons behind breaking down of your laptop before the time
  4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When should I replace or buy a new laptop?

From the additional functionality feature to the necessity of improved performance, there are many factors to consider when you get a new laptop. Some of the factors that you need to know when to replace your laptop are given below.

When should I replace or buy a new laptop?

Let’s check them out!

1. Your laptop starts facing multitasking issues

You need to change the model of your device when your device starts facing multitasking problems. It might be a signal-catching issue or applications takes a long time to open.

When you face difficulty in switching from one application to another or cannot jump quickly to another application like the device usually does. Besides, your laptop becomes unable to manage two or more applications at a time.

If you notice your device starts lagging frequently then you should change your device instantly. Constantly lagging can slow down the performance of your device.

1. Your laptop starts facing multitasking issues

2. The battery does not long last

Slow charging or no longer lasts battery is one of the common issues that old laptops or computers face. If you feel that the charging of your device does not long last as it used to then it is a sign that you should change your laptop.

Draining the battery faster than it normally does is also a sign of an old laptop.

You can change the battery of your device if it is the only problem. But, if changing the battery does not solve the problem then you need to change the device.

3. Screen display does not look same

It’s time to change or replace your laptop when you start feeling that the display screen does not look the same at it used to be. The quality of the screen starts to look faded and dull, which once very sharp and radiant.

If the display screen does not give you the satisfactory result of your work and shows choppy and dull quality then it is the sign of aging.

As laptop does not give you the option to upgrade certain part or feature of the device like desktop computers so, the only solution left is changing your device.

In case if your screen starts showing blue screen of death (BSOD) more often when you use it then try to re-install the operating system. If re-installing operating system does not work then you need to buy a new laptop.

Many people avoid this issue but, it is a sign that shows the need of a new system.

3. Screen display does not look same

4. You are facing unexpected shutdowns

One of the signs of aging laptops or computers is that you start experiencing unexpected shutdowns. You often face this problem when your laptop gets overheated because you use your device too much.

It gets irritating when you are working and your device shutdowns automatically. Many people face this problem when their device starts aging.  

4. You are facing unexpected shutdowns

5. Uploading new software becomes issue

Another sign of aging computer or laptop is that it becomes incompatible with new software and applications. It does work well with new technologies. If your system faces same problem then you need to consider a new device.

Things to do when you buy a new laptop

If you are planning to buy a new laptop then one thing you need to check is that your laptop can do all the performances efficiently that you want it to do. Secondly, check the battery life and charging time of the device.

Following are the most important things that you should do when you buy a new laptop:

  • Install software: first and the most important thing to check in a new device is to update software. This will make sure that the programs you are going to work on will work properly.
  • Install antivirus: second most important thing to do in a new laptop is to install antivirus in your device. It keeps virus away from your device and prevent your device from lagging and slow processing.
  • Remove bloatware: many people do not know but, removing bloatware from your device is as important as installing antivirus. Bloatware is unnecessary and unwanted preloaded software in the device that is of no use.
  • Update applications: after installing the applications in your device the next step is to update them
Things to do when you buy a new laptop

Reasons your laptop stop working before the time

If you are a wonder that your laptop tends to break down or stops working before the time you feel it should. Then you need to avoid the following thing when you buy another device.

  • One of the reasons that your laptop stops working before the time is that you are consuming your device too much. This causes the overheating and stops your device from working
  • Another reason of aging device before the time is your device has virus.


Mainly, the answer to this question depends upon the quality of a laptop but the average life span of any laptop is from 3 to 5 years.

The first and the most important thing to do with a new laptop is to update the Windows and applications you installed.

Wrapping up the article!

Laptops play a vital role in running most of the business so, it is important to check their performance and keep them updated. Just for the sake of updated version of the device you are using it is not necessary to replace it if it is working properly.

The right time to replace or buy a new laptop is when it starts lagging and gives you poor performance.

Like other electronic devices, laptops start aging and function slowly. One of the biggest signs that make you consider upgrading your laptop is a slow response from your device.

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