How to Charge Laptop Without a Charger- quick and simple hacks


Imagine going on a trip or at university giving a presentation and your laptop has gone dead. Finding the charger in the bag but Ahh! You forgot it at home!

Or in case your charger has suddenly stopped working. Now you are panicking as you are next to giving a presentation or you wanted to enjoy your favorite movie while you camp outside.

Chargers that come with your laptop are specially designed according to the brand and model of the battery attached. The current rating or the pin size are all different and rarely there are chances that you can use another laptop’s charger to charge your battery. Perhaps they do charge but using them regularly can seriously damage the battery or your power plug.

In case your charger is not working figure out what is the problem with the charger, its cord, or the battery itself. Once you got your answer we can find a solution.

Well, apart from the charger that came with your laptop there are some tricks and easy hacks that can get you out of this crisis. So if you don’t have your charger with or it’s broken down and you need your battery charged urgently here are some tips for you on How to charge laptop without a charger. Safely and efficiently as we don’t want the battery to burst out laptop socket burn.

How to Charge Laptop Without a Charger- quick and simple hacks

How to charge Laptop without a charger

Technology has come a long way and no doubt there are so many ways to figure out a simple yet smart solution for charging the laptop battery. Below are some easy steps that will let you charge your laptop battery without its charger.

1. In the car

While you are on a road trip or on the way to a meeting charging your laptop with the car battery as we usually charge our phones in the car is a great hack. Although you have to look out for the voltage requirement of the laptop that generally ranges from 18-21 V while cars have a battery rating of 12 V.

You can charge your laptop battery from the car’s battery by two methods

  • Either use a USB charger that has a Type A connector at one point and a Type C connector that goes into the laptop to supply power. This can be attached to the car charging port.
  • You can also use an adapter and charge from the cigarette lighter.

Before adapter, if you place an inverter in the charging port or cigarette lighter hole then this may save your car and laptops’ battery from any damages.

  • To connect your laptop to charge from the car’s battery:
  • Turn on the car as while running the car battery charges and doesn’t drain out
  • Now plug in the power inverter in the cigarette lighter socket
  • Now insert your adapter in the inverter slot
  • And connect the Ac adapter to your laptop

Also with a USB charger

  • Turn on the car
  • Plug the car charger or now in new models, you have a built-in USB port
  • Plug the USB C end in the laptop to charge

2.   With an external battery charger

In case there is a problem with your charging slot and the battery is not charging while you plug in the charger. Then you can get an external battery charger for charging the battery. External battery chargers are devices that hold your battery and charge it directly through a wall socket.

Although you can’t just use any external battery charger. Get one that is compatible with your battery’s ampere and power rating as batteries designed for different models of laptops have different specs. External chargers have indicating lights to show when the battery is charging and when it is fully charged so you can plug it out.

This method is efficient in case of a problem with the laptop charging port or battery connectivity. But as external charger cost equals to the laptop charger, plus taking out the battery is not possible in all brands and may also void the laptops’ warranty. So investing money in that won’t be efficient and advisable.

2.   With an external battery charger

3.   Power bank

For travelers and people who are always on the run, investing in a power bank is a great solution to charge a laptop, where you don’t have any power socket to plug in or when the charger gets out of order.

Power banks are very efficient as they can charge several devices like phones, headphones, mp4 players, and laptops easily. Just keep an eye on the voltage rating as the general power banks can charge up to 5 V while laptops may require 12 V so buy the one that is compatible with your laptop’s battery.

Connecting a laptop with power back is easy just you need a USB type C cable to plug in the power to the laptop and let it charge while you enjoy the ride.

The benefit of using a power bank is that they store a lot of charges so you can easily charge a laptop battery for battery life up to 1 to 2 hours, plus they are lightweight and portable so no need to carry the extra burden or to let the car running for charging.

3.   Power bank

4.   USB C with adapter

If your laptop has a built-in USB C port then you can charge your laptop battery like a phone through a USB type C adapter, connecting it to the wall, in the car, phone, or in the power bank.

These adapters are easily available but while you buy one make sure you get the correct rating. Charging with a USB C adapter is far safer than the car or power bank as the adapter will shut down in case you voltage fluctuations and won’t let the battery of your laptop damage.|

4.   USB C with adapter

5.   Universal charger

If your charger is broken and you can’t find your brand charger anywhere, then a universal charger is best for you. The universal chargers are fit for all models and brands of laptops as they come with multiple rating settings and tips to plug in any laptops charging port.

Universal chargers are not only safe and efficient to use but also affordable and great for people who want to get a charger for more than one laptop different in brands or model. These chargers also include a port to plug into the cars charging socket making it super portable and convenient.

One thing to keep care of is that when you plug in your charger you must choose the correct tip and voltage rating as failing to do so, the higher voltage or current will damage your laptop and its battery.

Wirth multiple tips and charging setting these chargers are no doubt one of the best solutions to charge a laptop without a charger. They work similarly to your laptop’s charger and you can easily work on the laptop while it charges.

5.   Universal charger

6.   Use the super battery in the laptop

Super batteries are spare or extra batteries that are made according to your laptop. These batteries are similar in all aspects to your battery but they charge from the separate cable that directly gets plugged into the battery. Once your battery is charged you can replace your laptop’s battery with an external battery.

Super batteries can give up to 4 -5 hours backup and you need to buy the specific battery that is compatible with your model and an external charger.

These batteries are a good hack but not that much efficient in case of emergencies. And why would anyone carry an extra battery and charger along when you can opt for a simpler solution.

6.   Use the super battery in the laptop

7.   With a phone

 When you have no other option left to charge your laptop battery then your phone can be a lifesaver.

Wondering is this possible?

Yes! You can charge your laptop battery with your phone.

Although phone batteries are way smaller than your laptops and won’t provide much charge before draining out. But for urgent cases, the phone can be your last resort. Saving you from this mess.

For this, you will require a USB C charging cord that has a type C cord at both ends.

  • Now connect the laptop and phone at each end.
  • A dialog box will appear on the phone screen
  • Check on the option “ supply power to the connected device”
  • Now the laptop will start charging.

This method is not quite safe for the batteries of your phone and laptop and must not be opted for unless it’s the last hope you have in case of emergency.


No, there is no internal circuitry connection from the HDMI port to the battery to charge it. So this isn’t a good idea and you may damage the HDMI port in trying so.

Connect the battery’s output to the laptop’s input port via a cable that has USB –C end or to the tip of the adapter. An inverter in between for AC to DC conversion. Although this may not be safer so a power back that has a charge controller is a better option.

Yes, if the current and voltage ratings vary the battery’s life will decrease, or in some cases sit can go dead due to these variations.

There are two ways to check your cord for any malfunctions or shortening:

  • Connect the cord to the laptop and check either it is showing the connected or plugged in icon on the screen or not
  • Remove the battery of the laptop and connect the charger. Try powering it on. If the laptop starts on the direct supply then the cord is fine

In a nutshell!

So don’t panic and cry out in frustration when you learn about forgetting your laptop or a damaged one. There are so many ways by which you can easily charge your laptop and continue working or enjoying a film on the go.

All the above hacks for charging a laptop without a charger are super easy to follow and you can try them on, but with care about the battery rating. Although all of the tips are good the most efficient and safe one is to buy a power bank and USB type C cable.

As it is a convenient and yet very safe option to keep the laptop’s battery in perfect condition while your charge.

Try them on and wait for more amazing hacks like these!

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