How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play? [Solved]


Remote play is an essential feature for any game player. The remote device allows playing games on a remote-based device. This device enables the players to have their connection with audio and video content on the game. The need for this remote controller is to transmit the user’s code to the second screen to make the desired direction possible.

Unfortunately, the TV is accompanied if you are at home and want to play PS4 on TV with a remote controller. Then don’t worry; take a deep breath and think of an alternative way. The other way is the use of a laptop for connection. Yes, that’s another better way to play the PS4 games.

The question is whether using a remote controller is mandatory for playing the desired game on a laptop? The answer is no. There is no necessary step for the laptop players.

Using the Laptop as Monitor Screen

The laptop screen for PS4 is possible; the only way is to use the HDMI and capture card for connection. The good news is that the laptop screen can be connected with the PS4 with low quality and with some easy steps to follow.

Connection of Laptop with the PS4 system Through Capture Card

Mostly the question of game players lies in how they connect their ps4 with laptops without using any external remote controller. The remote controller access should not be used for the connection. So for those players, the answer lies in reading out simple steps. The steps make the concept clear regarding the procedure. Follow the simple steps to make the connection easier and more advanced. The laptop with Windows 10 can allow the users to use the remote play feature. But to have this feature used, there is a need to use a high Wi-Fi connection with high speed. With the connection of the Ps4 with a laptop, the laptop screen will act as the monitor of the Ps4.

Essential Components

  • HDMI cable
  • PS4 Console
  • Video Capture Card
  • S-Video Connection Cable

Connection Steps

You may be searching for ways to get the connection of the ps4 with a laptop without remote play. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the game capture application from the official website.
  2. Connect the capture card with the laptop. Connect PS5 to HDMI out port and capture card to HDMI in port.
  3. Use the USB-C type cable for the capture card to have its connection with the USB-A port. The need for this connection is to power the capture card.
  4. Give connection of USB-A with USB 3.0 to ensure that the laptop gets the video signal through this cable.
  5. The steps are on software, which includes running the Game capture application. It will run instantly after a few seconds of initialization. This will allow the capture card to accept the video signals.

Make sure that the capture card is installed correctly. If not, then there is another way to accept the video signals.

  • The manual method is to open the Game capture setting option. Click on the gear icon. Click on the game device named PS4.
Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote

Now the device, which is a laptop is fully ready to start. The keyboard controller can be used to play games on the laptop.

Features of Laptop Screen

When there is a use of a laptop screen for the Ps4, then there is always a point that comes to the mind of users. The point is linked with the quality of the screen. The quality of the screen is not the same as expected in the case of Ps4. When the laptop screen is used, the quality of an image is reduced. Mainly, the important is to use of capture card for video capture on the laptop screen.

How to play games without a remote controller

When the remote controller is not in use, the alternative way is to use the keyboard as a controller for connection. The keywords can be used to control the games on the laptop. This is another way to enjoy the games on the laptop screen. This is not as fantastic away as you can enjoy on Ps4.  But in case you forget the controller at home, the best way is to get connected with the laptop and enjoy the features.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI-Grab this Guide and Play Massive Gameplays

How to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI? Connect a video capture card or a remote play to the PS4 and your laptop and enable the connections.

Play incredible multiplayer with your fellows in case your TV isn’t operating. Give a vibrant touch to your games and enjoy the high-definition video and audio game on your laptop through PS4. How to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI seems tricky to players. It is because the laptop and HDMI both are output devices, none of them is the input. Thus, it will utilize some of your effort to make connections with the device and then you can carry yourself in a non-stop entertaining world.

Endeavor these Effortless Ideas to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI

Enable this connectivity with your laptop to relate it to Playstation4 with HDMI. Following are some measures that have to be taken to set up the devices for game streaming purposes.

1. Via Video Capture Card

Here, comes one of the best methods through which users can play Ps4 on their Laptop or Mac using HDMI. This is a video capture card it takes part in helping the HDMI to transfer the audio-visuals to the laptop.

  • Enable Internet Connection to PS4

First, open the settings of PS4, search for connections and connect the PS4 with the internet. An internet connection is obligatory to interlink the PS4 and laptop. In contrast, you can connect the device with Ethernet cables in case you don’t acquire a web connection.

  • Attach the Video Capture Card

Connect the HDMI cable with the port of the HDMI capture card. Now the console is ready and the next step is to insert the console into the laptop’s USB port. Install the OBS Software on your device and add the sources to it.

  • Operate the OBS Software

Open the OBS software and adjust it according to your needs. Set the webcam in the application, open your game, and finally, stream the game on your laptop.

Arrange all this equipment and connect this simple setup with your PC. This tactic helps users to play their games in high resolution using PS4 and HDMI.

2. Connect the Route through Remote Play

Bumps into another feature for gamers are a PS4 Remote Play. You can use a remote play if don’t possess a video capture card. To use playstation4 on a laptop same internet connection is requisite for both the devices. For this case, a hotspot is mostly referred to.

  • Install PS4 Remote Play on PC or Mac

Initially, users have to download the PS4 Remote Play through the Sony PlayStation website. When accomplished, click on the software visible on the laptop screen and then install the software in your appliance.

  • Activate Remote Play in Settings

Once the installation is complete, open the settings of the software and align it following your requirements. Fix its high resolution and change the Frame Rate and set it as high. Finally, sign in to the PlayStation software or create an account. Initiate the PS4 from the Rest Mode.

  • Plugin the PS4 cable and Enable the connections

Link the Dualshock 4 cable to the PS4 port and the laptop USB hub. Search for the remote play settings and add the name of your laptop device in the Remote Play Connection Settings so both the devices get paired up properly.

It allows you to access any feature of the device either the microphone or the keypad of the laptop for typing. Broadcast your games via a PS4 remote play download on your device.

Play PS4 on Laptop without a Video Capture Card and a Remote Play

A substitute in place of a video capture card and a remote play is unleashed. Use a Dualshock 4 Controller if you don’t have the above appliances. A Dualshock 4 controller is wireless.  Firstly, go to the Settings, search ‘Bluetooth’, and then ‘Pair’ it up with your device.

How can I play PS4 on a Laptop when devoid of a video capture card?

If you lack a video capture card to fix with the laptop HDMI, there exists its alternative, a remote play. Yes, you can connect a remote play to your device using a Dualshock. An OBS Software is also utilized when a video capture card is not available.

How to turn off the PS4 when connected to Remote Play?

You can turn off PS4 when it is attached to the Dualshock 4 and the Remote Play. Hold down the PS4 button and open its Settings. Find out the Rest Mode and disable it. However, the device will get disconnected from the Remote Play and switch off.

What if a capture card and a remote play are unavailable?

In this regard, there is another option to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI by using a Dualshock 4 controller. Therefore, pair up the devices with this Dualshock controller through Bluetooth connection and enjoy the game.

Is it essential to attach an HDMI video capture card to the console?

No, it isn’t mandatory to use an HDMI video capture card; you can also use its alternative instead. The reason behind choosing an HDMI capture card is that it is a cheaper one and works best giving high-quality visuals.


There are always alternative ways present for connection. The point is to avail that ways and steps. The PS4 game lovers always enjoy the best game features with the specially designed remote controller. The above-written material focuses on the alternate paths when you have no access to the remote controller. In the case of a laptop connection with PS4, you can’t enjoy the features of the handy controller. But still, you can have this alternate path for enjoying the amazing features of the PS4.

This article includes tactful ways for you to experience how to connect and play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI. Stream games via remote play; video capture card; Dualshock 4 controller and jump into the endless journey of games. Prefer the one which is accessible and can be fixed easily. Take a look at the connectivity devices keenly and set them up.


  • Can I play PS4 games on PC without PS4?

Yes, there is a need to buy a PlayStation program to run the games on a PC without PS4.

  • How can I run my PS4 with my computer?

For connection of PS4 on the computer, the need is to install the program DS4windows for connection between the PS4 and computer.

  • Is there any emulator for PC?

No, there is no such emulator for PC. However, there are some projects under development regarding the emulator.

  • How can I Play PS4 without a remote?

Another alternate way to play PS4 without a remote is to use keyboard keys and the PlayStation application.

  • Can I use the laptop screen as a monitor?

Yes, when the PS4 gets connected to a laptop through cable, the laptop screen can be used as a monitor screen. For connection, use an HDMI cable with the monitor.

  • What is the use of the recording function to connect PS4 to PC?

A recording function allows players to record the game and audio while playing the game on PS4. It also permits users to share it and webcast it with people around the world.

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