How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Laptop without Receiver

The creation of the wireless mouse has made navigation and scrolling way quicker and easier.
They work with radio frequencies which are transmitted by the mouse. The receiver is
connected to your laptop or PC. It accepts the signals and the mouse get connected.
For such devices the receiver is very crucial but what if you end up losing it? If you’re wondering
how to connect wireless mouse to laptop without receiver, then worry not. Because I’ve come
up with a comprehensive article down below that will help in solving all your issues.
The mouse system varies from brand to brand, so I’ll explain all the general steps. Let’s get

How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Laptop without Receiver

Start from the bottom

Losing a receiver of using a malfunctioning one can be quite a pain in the neck. To save you
from this misery, I’ve come with certain tips and methods. But before we dive deep into that,
it’s important to know the functioning and type of your mouse.
Certain wireless mouse works on Bluetooth technology that can directly set up a connection if
the laptop supports Bluetooth. Some are supported by Wi-Fi or radio frequencies and require a
specific receiver for that.
A mouse that features any of the above options doesn’t necessarily need a dongle for it.
Likewise, if your mouse is armed with a unifying signature on it, then you can just use a new
receiver. It’ll work perfectly fine.
So, it’s important to know the basics of your tool before we make further experiments with it.

Multiple Connection Methods

Now that you’ve mastered your mouse’s specifications, let me tell you that there are several
ways you can connect a wireless mouse without its receiver. The options vary depending upon
the operating system your device follows.
It is to be noted that a mouse that allows Bluetooth connection can only be connected without
a receiver and that can connect only when the laptop or PC system has an in-built Bluetooth

Checking the System Support

The connection between a wireless mouse and the system depends on the Bluetooth
connection between them. The better the connection, the swifter your wireless will perform.
For this, go to your system’s control panel.

From there on, select the ‘Devices and Printers’ and check if your system offers Bluetooth
technology. If not, then I’m afraid that when you go out shopping for a mouse receiver, you’ll
have to buy a Bluetooth dongle with it as well. That is the only way for this thing to get started.

Connecting a Wireless Mouse for

Windows 10

If you’ve got a modern device with Bluetooth transmission, follow these steps below and you’re
good to go.

Windows 10
  • Search and open your system ‘settings’. In the settings slide, look for a tab named as
    ‘Devices’. Click it open.
  • The panel or the long bar on the left side will present several options to you. Look for
    ‘Bluetooth and other Devices’. Select it open.
  •  By doing this, you’ll come with various options on the right side of your screen. A plus
    (+) sign stating you to ‘add Bluetooth or other devices’ at the top of the page needs to
    be selected.
  • The action is completed as it opens a new pop-up window for you. Make sure that your
    mouse is turned on. Follow the instructions and mark the related option.
  • The system will initiate pairing. Upon accepting that, within a few minutes you mouse
    device will start working.
  • It’s relatively simple and the steps are easy to follow. Do it one time and then the procedure
    would be easy for you.

Mac Operating System

As the operating system is different, ultimately the steps would be different as well. But it’s not
difficult. Let me show you.

  • Turn on your wireless device and get it ready to pair. The pairing button or mode may
    vary from one mouse to another. For this, you may refer to the device’s user manual.
    The turn-on switch is usually on the backside of the mouse.
  • Apple menu’ would be visible on our system. Just open it and scroll to ‘System
    Preferences’. Scroll down, after clicking it and you’ll find the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  •  By selecting this, like your mouse, the laptop will also be in pairing mode. The
    connection between the two devices will be initiated.
  •  It’ll ask for your confirmation. Bang a YES on it and you’re done. The mouse is now ready
    for its mission impossible.
    It’s now time to hop on to the next system and tackle its configuration system.

Linux Operating System

Linux is the most popular operating system. Let’s see how this system handles the Bluetooth

Linux Operating System
  • So, the first step would be looking for the ‘Bluetooth devices’ tab and you can easily find
    that on the desktop screen. Turn the Bluetooth ‘ON’.
  • See from your device’s instructions on how to initiate its pairing mode as it is different
    for type. Usually, at the back of the wireless tool, we get a button that needs to be
    pressed for some time and a little light will flash indicating that it’s ready.
  • But still, you should consult the manual. Following the manual, you set the device in the
    pairing mode. Done?
  • Now, let’s move back to the Bluetooth tab. It’ll bring us to a device list that will set up
    the connection process.
  • The device connection is supposed to be set-up within a given period. If you fail to do
    so, you will have to re-initiate the set-up. Once set-up successfully, the system will let
    you know by showing a device status of ‘connected’.
    With this taken care of, you’ve learned how you can use Bluetooth connectivity to your
    advantage and get your wireless mouse working.

Keep these factors in mind

Your wireless mouse is now ready to be in action but it’s always good to be a little more aware.
Below I’ll discuss some very basic and general points that will determine the performance of
your wireless tool.

 Distance Matters: 

A Bluetooth mouse is different from your common wired mouse. As it operates on the
Bluetooth frequency, it some with a limited range as well. Bluetooth connections are strong
and powerful over a distance of 32 ft. Above that, the connection power will start reducing,
eventually leading to a disconnection between the two devices.
It is advised that while using a Bluetooth mouse, make sure that it kept closer to your system.
The smaller the distance, the better performance can be availed along with a smooth

 Charge you tool 

It’s also a major difference that wireless mouse requires a suitable power source for their
functioning, unlike the wired ones that are directly connected to the laptop.
Now, this also depends on the type and kind of mouse that you are using. Generally, we get a
mouse that uses the battery as a power source. The battery either rechargeable or replaceable.

With the rechargeable ones, you get a charging cable as well. so, charge them fully before
usage, and after you’re done using them, recharge them again. Consider it my suggestion as a
recharged mouse is always welcomed and help in emergency cases.
For the replaceable ones, you’re thinking right, you’ve to stack up some batteries in your laptop
case. Whenever a mouse runs out of charge, you can immediately switch to a new one. on
average, the battery runs for about 6 months or so, if used carefully and meticulously.

 ​​Supported Connections  

Like their varied configuration and different models, the number of connections a single mouse
can offer also differ. Consider you’re a person who has to operate multiple devices at the same
time. Using a separate mouse for the different systems can be too confusing and expensive as
well. Isn’t it?
​Well, in such cases you can buy a mouse that supports multiple devices at the same time. You
may choose a double or a triple connection mouse. Or go with the single one, if that’s what you
In short, always check the specs and co-relate it with your requirements.

 Unique Pin Number  

The pin is a set of numbers that is unique to you. Whenever you make a Bluetooth connection,
the two devices will pair them. This pairing is confirmed via a PIN. Enter that code and voila!
You are connected.
One of the reasons why your system is not connecting could be your pin code. You might be
entering the wrong code!
Always re-check the pin that you’ve typed in before you confirm the pairing. This just saves
extra struggle.

 Know your device  

The wireless mouse is a revolution in this modern technology. They are trendy and classic in
design, with multiple connectivity and pairing options. When shopping for a Bluetooth mouse,
it’s better to look at its features and connectivity. The quality and the way that device performs
is also crucial.
Tick all the necessary boxes and only then this device will be convenient and reliable for you.
Else using it would be one hell of a job.


Technological advancements are supposed to make our life easier. The same is the purpose of a
wireless mouse, to get rid of those long, black cables. The traditional mouse has its feel and
perks. This one has some pros and cons as well.
Now that you have learned how to connect wireless mouse to laptop without a receiver, it is
time to go back to your work.
​​I would conclude this article by stating that your feedback is always needed so keep those
comments coming.
Till then, Happy Connecting!

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