How to enable and disable touchpad on Lenovo laptop

Is your touchpad not working on your Lenovo Laptop? Here in this, article we will guide you on ‘how to enable and disable the touchpad Lenovo laptop in very easy steps.  

Touchpads have somewhat made life easier by replacing a mouse but one wrong key while typing can easily disable your touchpad. For E.g. with a Lenovo laptop, you’d be wondering how to enable and disable the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop. In this article, we will thoroughly guide you step by step on how to enable and disable the touch on Lenovo.

 Introduction to the touchpad

Lenovo laptops come with a touchpad that lets you make gestures on your laptop. The Lenovo touchpads are based on Synaptics software which is known for making great laptop trackpads.

With different touchpad gestures, users can perform several tasks like switching between applications, scrolling websites and pictures, and highlighting text. The touchpad also comes with two buttons that allow you to right-click or left-click. To use these features, all you need to do is tap, swipe, or slide your finger across it.


  • 1 What might have gone wrong with your laptop:
    • 1.1 Enabling and Disabling Touchpad in two easy ways:
      • 1.1.1 Slightly harder way:
      • 1.1.2 Easier way:
    • 1.2 Importance of Touchpad in Lenovo Laptop
      • 1.2.1 How to fix touchpad issues in your laptop
        • The best way to buy a new laptop with a great touchpad
        • Why you should consider buying Lenovo laptops?
        • Conclusion:

What might have gone wrong with your laptop:

  • You might have pressed the wrong key e.g. Fn + key.
    • Your touchpad is not working due to either having an outdated device or something is missing.
    • External conflicts with other external devices.

Enabling and Disabling Touchpad in two easy ways:

  1. The same old mouse:

All laptops allow at least one external source to be used on them (modern ones may have other options too). And for every disabled touchpad, the same old mouse is your best friend. But mostly it’s not like the old ways where you’ll wire in the mouse and it starts to work in a second. As of the advancement in technology the computer mouse has been modernized too. Now with their strong sensors and high accessible rate, with better and faster response time compared to the old mouse. Down here you will see the easy steps that need to be followed:

  • Click the window button on your keyword.
  • Type the word ‘setting’ and then enter it.
  • Press the spacebar
  • Now type the word ‘Mouse’ and enter. This would directly take you to the server that has mouse settings. Over here you can directly enable and disable your mouse with just a spacebar click.
  • Allowing or enabling the mouse in the ‘properties’ section is what you need to do.
  • Now, click on the ‘additional mouse option’ you see on the screen.
  • A pop-up window will show up with different tabs.
  • Now choose the tabs (i.e pointer options, buttons, pointer, etc.) according to your need.

If the above option doesn’t work Most mouse these days have ‘passkeys’ that allow you to Bluetooth connect.


  • Attach the passkey (a tiny square type thing that attaches to your laptop)
  • Go to the Bluetooth option in the settings ‘search bar’.
  • You’d in seconds see a new option in the ‘available devices’ section, click on the desired device (usually the name of the brand).
  • Enter password ‘0000’ (sometimes the password is not asked for but it is needed, always type ‘0000’).
  • Your mouse would be connected by Bluetooth and now you can use it.

As your mouse is connected, use it and enable and disable your touchpad from touchpad settings in the settings option (or ThinkPad settings for your Thinkpad).

  • Using the buttons on your keyboard:

I have divided the keyboard ways furthermore into 2 ways for you i.e. Easier and slightly harder way.

Slightly harder way:

If you’re someone who likes to use shortcut keys a lot this way might annoy you but sometimes as those keys don’t work you need an alternative.

  • Click the window button on your keyboard.
  • Type the word ‘setting’ and enter it.
  • After clicking the ‘spacebar’ now type ‘touchpad’ and enter. This would directly take you to the touchpad settings.
  • By clicking the left-right arrows on your keyboard you can direct your arrow pointer and with the ‘spacebar’ being your ‘click’ enable or disable the touch bar.

With a ‘Thinkpad’

  • Type ‘Thinkpad’ in the settings search bar.
  • Enter.
  • Choose to enable or disable with the help of the arrows on your keyboard.
  • Use the ‘spacebar’ to ‘click’. 
  • Or select the ‘tracking point only’ option.

Easier way:

No matter how much you hate using the keyboard directly with its shortcuts, with a disabled touchpad we all know that this is the only option we have. All laptops and PC allow keyboard shortcuts to be used on them (all the latest windows from the 2000s were updated to have access to them).

The shortcut key for enabling and disabling the touchpad is either the ‘F8’ key or the ‘F6’ key (but they don’t work directly by ‘just clicking’ them) but they need a command key that is ‘Fn’.

  • Press the ‘Fn’ key and while still pressing it, click on the ‘F8’ or ‘F6’ key (depends on your windows or model of a laptop) that is in the first line of the keyboard.
  • These options will enable or disable your touchpad as per your choice.
  • On repressing the same keys, you will reverse the process of what happened earlier (enabled to disabled or disabled to enabled).

If our above ways don’t work for you, then you will have to get your Lenovo (or whatever brand you use) laptop checked by professionals.

Importance of Touchpad in Lenovo Laptop

How important is the Touchpad in Lenovo Laptop? What are the features of the Lenovo Touchpad? What are the functions of the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop? These are some questions that most user faces when they purchase this laptop or while using this type of laptop. So here we are to resolve your all queries related to the Touchpad in Lenovo Laptop.

How to fix touchpad issues in your laptop?

Lenovo is a great laptop brand that provides state-of-the-art features, hardware, and software to its users. But sometimes, it might happen that one or more hardware component gets damaged.

This tutorial will help you find out how to repair your broken touchpad issues on your Lenovo Laptops without taking them to professional service centers. First of all, check if there are any physical damages present around your touchpad such as scratches or cracks which might have caused problems with their functioning. If not then continue with these steps:

If you see no physical damage present around your laptop’s touchpad then make sure to close down all applications running in the background including antivirus programs. Then restart your computer and see if anything changes for better or worse.

The best way to buy a new laptop with a great touchpad

Today I will tell you about the importance of a touchpad on a laptop. A laptop is quite important for every student. We used to connect with our friends, teachers, and relatives by using a laptop. The best way to buy a new laptop with a great touchpad is to visit Lenovo’s official website. As you know that it is one of the top famous brands. Always trust genuine brands only then you can get quality products at reasonable prices.

Why you should consider buying Lenovo laptops?

The importance of touchpads can’t be denied and they have become a vital part while buying a laptop. Hence, make sure that your laptops come with high-quality touchpads so that you don’t experience any issues while using them. In addition to it, look for some extra features like gesture controls or the ability to customize its sensitivity. So, whenever you are buying new laptops always keep these features in mind to enjoy flawless performance and avoid unnecessary hassles.


As we have finally reached the end we are positive that we have cleared all your doubts about enabling and disabling a Lenovo touchpad. And now, you have realized how easy it was.