How to Find The Model Number Of My Dell Laptop?

Ways To Find The Model Number Of Dell Laptop

1. By checking the identification Label Of the Dell Laptop

You can check the model number on any of the sections mentioned above, where it will be located just right to them.

2. Through Windows System Information Window

Windows System Information is an administrative tool that provides a detailed description of a laptop’s specifications.

In Windows 8

  • Go to the lower right side of the screen and click the search bar.
  • Now write msinfo32 in the search bar and click enter.
  • A new system information window will pop up, which will show you the laptop’s details, including the model number.

In Windows 10

  • Press the Start menu.
  • You have to write “System” in the search bar.
  • In the System window, you can surely find out the model number of your Dell laptop.

In Windows XP

  • Go to the lower-left corner of your laptop’s screen.
  • Move to the “My Computer” option.
  • Click right on it.
  • Go to the Properties option.
  • Now, Dell, laptop # model will be visible.


In Windows Vista

  • Write System Information in the bar and click enter.
  • Now the information window will pop up where you can conveniently check the model # of your Dell laptop.

3. Through Window’s Settings

The device configuration is listed on the Windows System screen. There are various methods for getting to the Settings screen. This technique sends you instantly to the About screen, where the model # is mentioned.

So, first, click right on the Start option of your laptop and then select the System option from the menu that popped up.

Now the Windows Settings will appear. Here you can easily find out the model number and name of yourDell’ss laptop.

4. By Using The BIOS of your laptop

BIOS stands for “Basic Input or Output System.” It is the system you can access to know the model number of Dell’s laptop.

Whenever you start up your laptop, this system checks the hardware conditions of your laptop, and depending upon its conditions; it decides to start the window. A plus point of the BIOS system is that you do not need to enter the windows to check your Laptop’s details.

Accordingly, you can access the BIOS system by following the steps given below.

  • First of all, turn on your laptop.
  • Now, as the logo of Dell appears, start clicking the F2 button per second. At this moment, try to access the BIOS system before the window starts.
  • The BIOS menu will let you know the model number, including other details like the service tag number.

5. By using the Dell Support Assist Application For Windows

Support Assist is a Dell servicing program that has been installed in all Dell computers. If it’s missing, visit the Dell Support website and then download and install it. The Support Assist displays the model number on its main screen.

You can quickly know the model number of our laptop in various windows through the steps described below.

In Windows 7

  • Click the Start menu in the left corner.
  • Visit the search options and type Support Assist into the search bar.
  • Visit the Support Assist option from the search results. (If you don’t see the Support Assist in the search results, you can download it from the Support Assist page).
  • The model number of your laptop can be shown on the application’s main screen.

In Windows 8

  • When you move your pointer to the upper right corner of the screen, the search bar will display.
  • Select the search options now and write Support Assist in the bar.
  • Visit the Support Assist that will appear (If you don’t see the Support Assist in the search results, you can download it from the Support Assist page).
  • When you start the Support Assist application, you will see your laptop’s model number.

In Windows 10

  • In the window’s search box, type SupportAssist.
  • From the search results, select the SupportAssist application to run it.
  • Visit the SupportAssist that will appear (If you don’t see the SupportAssist in the search results, you can download it from the SupportAssist page).


6. Restart your Dell Laptop to find its Model Number

When you restart your laptop, you may be able to see a model number. The name and model number are displayed on many Dell laptops” initial boot screen before starting the operating system.

Why the model number is so important for your laptop?

The model number of the laptop you decide to buy is probably one of the most important things to consider, even if you don’t pay much attention to it when comparing different laptops.

The model number isn’t just for the manufacturer’s convenience, but it also determines which features your laptop will have, and thus, it’s crucial to understand what each letter and number in the model number means to get the most out of your purchase. If you are thinking about buying yourself a new laptop, this article will cover everything you need to know about the mysterious world of the laptop model number!

What is the best brand for laptops?

Laptops are expensive, and it makes sense to buy a good brand because you’ll be relying on them every day. But what brands should you consider? Here are a few of our top picks: Apple, Acer, Dell, and Asus. You can usually find great deals at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy or even at Walmart. The most popular brands tend to be pretty similar in terms of performance quality. That said, some features make certain models more attractive than others. So how do you choose which one is right for you? It comes down to three things: price, design, and functionality.

For example; Apple laptops are typically more expensive than other brands (though not always), but they also have sleek designs with high-quality screens that make them perfect for entertainment purposes as well as business applications. If you want something that looks really nice but doesn’t cost too much money, an HP laptop might be a better option for you—they’re very reasonably priced and perform just as well as other leading brands.

How to decide which laptop brand, size, and features are right for you?

Before you go any further, there are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a new laptop. First of all, what kind of work will you be doing? Different laptops are built with different features in mind; if you want a more portable machine that has great battery life, then a lightweight ultrabook might be right up your alley.

If you need to do lots of graphics or photo editing, then it might make sense to invest in something with discrete graphics. Another thing to think about is whether you want a touchscreen. Touchscreens have become increasingly common on Windows 10 devices and can be helpful for those who like using their fingers instead of a mouse. And finally, how much storage space do you need? Most laptops come with at least 256GB of storage space these days, but if you find yourself running out of room too quickly and having to delete files constantly, then maybe it’s time to upgrade.

What sort of battery life do I need?

There are a lot of different things to take into consideration when choosing a laptop, but one of the most vital is battery life. If you’re going to be using your machine for work purposes in places where there aren’t any power outlets nearby, or if you’re taking it on the go, you must make sure it has an adequate amount of juice—which means knowing how long it takes to charge and how long it lasts after a full charge. 

Most laptops today have lithium-ion batteries, which have a higher energy density than older types of batteries (like nickel-cadmium). This makes them lighter and more efficient at storing energy. That said, lithium-ion batteries do have some downsides: they can lose their capacity over time (though not nearly as quickly as nickel-cadmium), they don’t hold their charge as well at low temperatures, and they don’t perform well with deep discharges (meaning you shouldn’t run them down before charging). But even with these issues taken into account, lithium-ion batteries still offer better performance than older types of batteries.

Other tips when buying a new laptop

You should check out our guide on how to buy a new laptop and think about what you need from a device before you start shopping. There are a few other things you can do to help ensure that you’re buying an excellent laptop. The first thing to consider when purchasing any computer, but especially one for productivity, is processing power: how many cores does it have? How much RAM does it have? How fast is its processor? If those numbers aren’t up-to-date, don’t buy them!

What laptop model means?

A laptop refers to a portable computer with a built-in display and keyboard, CPU, RAM, and storage that can be moved from one place to another. The first laptops were released in 1983; before that year, computers were much heavier and not portable. Although there are many types of laptops on the market today, they all share certain features: a screen, hard drive(s), memory (RAM), ports (USB and/or Ethernet), an operating system (OS) such as Windows or Mac OS X, and input devices such as a touchpad or trackball.

 Laptops come in many different sizes and configurations based on their intended use—for example, gaming laptops are usually bigger than other types of laptops because they need more powerful components to handle graphics processing.

The type of processor used in a laptop will affect its performance greatly—the fastest processors tend to be reserved for gaming systems while budget models use slower but less expensive chipsets.

What is the use of the laptop model number?

Laptop models are grouped into different classes based on features, speed, and price. The higher-end laptops tend to be more expensive than their lower-end counterparts. The price difference between mid-range and low-end laptops can also vary a lot. It is therefore critical to understand what a given model means when you look at it. It may just make or break a deal if you do not have an idea of what each different variant represents. Here are some of those classifications The first digit of a laptop’s model number denotes its screen size.

For example, 15 stands for 15 inches, while 17 stands for 17 inches. A smaller screen usually translates to a lighter and thinner design. However, other factors affect weight as well; one such factor is whether or not there’s an optical drive included in that particular device. Models with smaller screens often come with no optical drive at all; instead, they rely on cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to store media files instead of using physical discs.

Why do people need the model number?

There are many reasons why a person should know what specific model of laptop they are looking at. A common one is to get it fixed, either because it’s broken or because they want something upgraded. For example, you may have an HP Pavilion dv6-2185dx with Windows 7 Home Premium and you want to upgrade to Windows 10. You can find out exactly which model you have by searching for HP Pavilion dv6-2185dx on Google and then checking out that product page on HP’s website (or Amazon if you prefer).

Once there, scroll down until you see Product Specifications and then look for Model Number: dv6-2185dx. The first part of that string is your model number—in our case, it would be dv6-2185dx. You now know exactly which laptop you have, which makes finding parts or getting help much easier. If you wanted to order new RAM from HP but weren’t sure what type of RAM slot your machine has, you could search for your model number and then check out its specifications page. It will tell you right away whether it has 204 pins in 2 slots (DDR3) or 240 pins in 2 slots (DDR4).

This information will help make sure that whatever RAM you buy is compatible with your machine. Another reason why knowing your model number is helpful is when buying refurbished laptops from online retailers like eBay or Craigslist.


1.   How to see the battery model of a Dell laptop?

Start clicking F2 the laptop starts up. Here you can see the model number of Dell laptops.

2.   What’s the serial number of the laptops?

A laptop serial number is a one-of-a-kind string of numbers and letters assigned to your computer.

3.   How can I check my Dell laptop’s warranty status?

You can quickly check it out by visiting the Dell official website and entering your Service Tag.

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