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How to Find the Size of a Laptop Screen

Laptops are one of the most common machines every other individual has. The buyer is keen on the physical appearance of the machine, including its screen size. Mostly the bigger screen laptops are costly as compared to the typical size.

It is always good to know about the screen size of your laptop. Let’s begin with an ultimate guide on how to find the size of a laptop screen.

Best Way to Measure the size of a Laptop Screen:

The best way to measure the size of a laptop screen is diagonal. Either from the left bottom corner or the right bottom corner. It will help you know the exact size of your laptop screen.

Measuring the Size of a Laptop Screen:

To find the size of a laptop screen, you need to measure it physically by simply using a measuring tape.

Guide to Measure the Size Of Laptop Screen Using The Measuring Tape:

  • Grab a measuring tape.
  • Remember that screens are always measured diagonally, so just start by measuring from the bottom right or bottom left corner of the laptop screen.
  • Begin with measuring the visible part of the screen, don’t include enclosures.
  • Screens are measured in inches, so you can convert cm into inches if needed.

How to Measure the Screen Size of a Laptop without Using Measuring Tape?

Besides the corporeal method to find the screen size of a laptop, there are some other ways to find the screen size of a laptop; let’s look at these apparent methods.

Explore the Manual of Laptop:

To make sure if you have measured the laptop screen accurately, you can check your machine’s manual. Just explore the screen details, and you can easily find out the screen size of your laptop.

Visit the Official Website of your Laptop Brand:

Another most accessible method is to find the size of a laptop screen is to visit the official website of your laptop. Add the model number of your machine and check the specifications. You will find the size of your screen.

Check for the sticker on the backside of your Laptop:

After making a little effort, you can spot the sticker on your laptop’s backside, which contains your machine’s major specs and model. Also, it has the screen size of your laptop mentioned. Sometimes these sizes are mentioned in numbers that can be furthered googled to find out if you cannot understand it.

Google It:

Whenever you are stuck in a situation, take out your phone and Google to find the solution. The same you can do to find out the screen size of your laptop. Type the model of your laptop and check the screen size.

Pro Tips to Consider while Measuring the Size of Laptop Screen:

  • Turn off your laptop screen before measuring it.
  • Avoid pushing pressure on the screen while measuring it or you might end up in damaging it.
  • Measure the screen size in a diagonal order, from top left to the bottom right or top right to bottom left.
  • Remember that there is a difference between screen resolution and screen measurement. Moreover, screen resolution is measured in pixels, whereas screen measurement is determined in inches.
  • Don’t include the casing around the screen while measuring it.

Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart:

If you are planning to buy a laptop, this chart will help you determine the ideal size according to your requirement.

The laptops with small screens and relatively higher resolution gives an excellent image quality.

Below is the comparison chart for laptop screen size to assist you:

Screen SizeScreen Resolution
  11.6 inches  1366×768
  12.5 inches  1366×768
  13.3 inches  1920×1080
  14 inch  1920×1080
  15.6 inches  1920×1080
  17.3 inches  4K UHD


How to find the size of a laptop screen?

To find the laptop screen size, you can either check it physically using the measuring tape or look for it in your laptop’s manual.

Which is the standard size of a laptop screen?

The standard size of a laptop screen is 13-14-15- and16 inches.

What is the correct method to measure the size of laptop screen using the measuring tape?

To find the accurate size of the laptop screen, measure it diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and vice versa.

Final Verdict:

To find the size of your laptop screen, you can either use a measuring tape, check the manual of the laptop, or explore the specifications via Google.

A few basic and a physical method (using measuring tape) is mentioned to find the size of a laptop screen. Moreover, the pro tips will help you find the accurate size. We hope this guide was helpful. Good Luck.

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