Is it Good to Use the Laptop While Charging?

This is a very common question that is being asked. Is it good to use a laptop while charging? There are some people who say it is bad and others say it is not bad so, which one to believe? We have compiled this article to answer these questions.

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Is it Good to Use the Laptop While Charging?

The simple answer to this question is that using a laptop while charging is not very harmful unless you are doing it for a long time because that can decrease the lifespan of the battery. But there are some people that can’t afford to wait while the laptop is on charging, so, for them, it is completely fine.

There are some modern devices that come with controllers, so they control the current when the battery is fully charged, but in that case, too, the lifespan of the battery is reduced.

Does Charging Hurt the Laptop Battery’s Lifespan?

Yes, when you charge the battery of the laptop, that means that the lifespan of the battery is reduced, and it does not matter if your battery is new or bad; however, there are some batteries that are made to last for many years, and these are designed for the thousands of charges so, for that kind of batteries it doesn’t matter if you overcharge them.

There are some people that try to lower their charging ratio because of this fear that charging hurts their battery’s lifespan, but they don’t need to worry because it can last for many years, and after thousands of times charging, it would start creating problems for you.

Can I Use Heavy Software Or Play Games While Charging?

No, you should never play heavy games on the laptop when it’s on charging because it would not only reduce the battery timing, but the performance of the device will also be affected. The gaming comes under the entertainment umbrella, so you can play games when once it’s fully charged; otherwise, your device’s performance will be affected.

However, if you are playing games that need great graphic power and effort, then we would recommend you to play it while the device is plugged in because that would enhance the performance, and your battery will not drain too.

If you are using some heavy software for your work and you don’t want to waste your time, then you can use the laptop while charging and doing your work. It won’t harm the laptop’s performance and its battery life.

What Happens When I Use A Laptop While Charging?

Okay, so we give you the answer that it is not harmful to use the laptop while charging, but there might be a question in your mind about what happens when you are using the laptop while charging. When the battery is at the end, and you start charging it while using it, with some passage of time, the battery will be charged, and then the current will directly go into your laptop, and the battery will only be used when you take the plug out of the socket otherwise your battery will not be drained.

As you read up on the benefits of charging your laptop while you charge it, you may think that it makes a lot of sense to do it this way. But what if you’re charging it from a wall socket? Or what if your wall socket only accepts USB C – not USB 3.0? What if you’re charging it from a laptop that doesn’t have a fast charger?

That’s where having a wall charger or a laptop that can be charged from a wall socket can be helpful. It’s much easier to charge a device from a wall socket than from a desktop or laptop that can be charged from a wall socket. It also means you won’t have to unplug your laptop while it’s charging, which can be convenient when you’re driving and want to be sure your car has power. Here’s how you can charge your laptop while you’re charging it.

What Your Laptop Can and Can’t Do?

First things first – your laptop can’t do everything. It can’t play everything you plug it into, or it wouldn’t be shipped with so many accessories. It can only do one thing, and that’s charge. In order for your laptop to work as an extension of your own body, it has to be able to charge.

That means it has to be able to charge your phone, your alarm clock, and even your truck. The good news is that most laptops these days come with a built-in charger. You can find them in the opened-up accessories section of hardware stores. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of them.

How to Charge Your Laptop?

If you’re charged at a time when you have no other options left to charge your laptop, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some people use the charger that comes with their laptop, some use a wall outlet, and others use some other method.

If you use a wall outlet, make sure it’s one that’s approved for charging your laptop. Some places, like, will let you buy a wall outlet that’s approved for charging laptops, but most places will charge you the normal charge-and-discharge rate. If you’re in a country with an approval process to charge your laptop, you may want to consider shopping around for a wall outlet that’s approved before you make the purchase.

Which Device Can Be Charged From a Wall Socket?

As long as you’re plugging your device into a wall outlet, it can charge. Most laptops come with a wall charger, which you can use to charge your laptop. However, if you want to charge a different device, such as a gaming laptop or a Surface Pro, you’ll have to buy an adapter. You can buy an adapter for about $10, and you’ll need to plug it into the wall outlet.

After you’ve put in the wall charger, unplug your device from the outlet and plug it into the computer. You should see a charge indicator light on your device, and the power button should be able to be depressed.

If you can’t charge your device during the day, you may have to unplug it from the wall outlet several times in order for it to charge. This is a potential issue, as most laptops come with a wall charger, and you may only be able to charge it when you’re at work or school. If this is the case, you may need to stick with the wall charger that came with your laptop.


The above information will give you a good idea of how to charge your laptop while you’re charging it. The main thing to remember is that you should be charging it from a wall socket or a laptop that can be charged from a wall socket.

If you’re only going to be using your laptop for a day or two and then want to return it to the store, you’ll probably want to use a wall charger. However, if you’re going to be using your laptop for weeks or months, you probably shouldn’t be using a wall charger.

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